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GreenIntelli receives ‘Built on GHG Protocol’ mark

September 19, 2014 in News by qvs

GreenIntelli Built on GHG ProtocolWe are pleased to announce that we have passed the review of the GHG Protocol and received the ‘Built on GHG Protocol’ mark. GreenIntelli’s functionality for Carbon Management and GHG reporting now formally adheres to the global standard WRI GHG Protocol. Feel free to contact us for any inquiries related to Carbon Management and GHG reporting.


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Forecasting Model and Process for Warranty Provision Management

March 30, 2014 in News by qvs

Forecasting the future is crucial for organisations being business pro-active. Within Finance this leads to new requirements for forecasting techniques and forecasting reliability related to planning for both Management Accounting and Financial Accounting purposes.

forecasting finance

For Philips Consumer Lifestyle, QVS Consulting is designing and implementing a new forecasting process and model for future Cost of Non Quality under Warranty conditions. A forecasting model, harmonized processes, controls and reports are designed and build for Europe and are planned to be deployed globally. QVS Consulting is in the lead, supported by a Philips team, Infosys team and CQM consultants.

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GreenIntelli certified for GRI G4 Sustainability Guidelines

February 9, 2014 in Featured News, News by qvs

The certification process for GRI G4 has been completed just before the holiday season. This means that GreenIntelli is now fully prepared for Sustainability Perfomance Management and Reporting according to the GRI G4 sustainability guidelines. GreenIntelli includes all specifics out of the GRI G4 framework and we have developed specific GRI G4 functionality. Feel free to contact us for any inquiries related to the GRI G4 Sustainability Guidelines or a GreenIntelli demo.

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Automation Internal Service Charging

December 11, 2013 in News by qvs

QVS Consulting has led the project within Philips to automate Internal Service Charging. In total more than 3.000 relations (site/site) have been implemented with fully automatic Internal Service Invoices. Based on the selection of an Internal Customer, Internal Service Product and a Price, a fully automatic process is initiated that books the invoice on the receiving side and allocates to the correct cost assignment.

Invoice automation

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GreenIntelli at Tommy Hilfiger Europe

November 5, 2013 in Featured News, News by qvs

For Tommy Hilfiger we have completed the GreenIntelli implementation project. Based on the GreenIntelli pilot project executed in 2012, we have extended and completed the implementation with the full sustainability scope of Tommy Hilfiger Europe.

GreenIntelli is a Sustainability Performance Management & Reporting platform that registers sustainability data, controls the data collection process and facilitates sustainability reporting (internal and external). GreenIntelli runs on any ‘standard’ Business Intelligence technology and therefore integrates with your Business Intelligence architecture, is very flexible to customer specific set ups, can easily be implemented and is cost effective. This allows you to focus on your sustainability performance!

If you want to know more about GreenIntelli, or you want a demonstration, feel free to contact us for an appointment.

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Introducing pVelocity – Profit and Cost simulation (on iPad)

October 1, 2012 in Featured News, News by qvs

Business Intelligence solutions are in general retrospectively reporting performance. pVelocity is filling a requirement to look into the future and answer specific questions to the management.  Questions like, what will happen with my profitability if I changed different parameters such as raw materials pricing, alternative suppliers, product mix, customers, assets, etc., are difficult to answer with conventional BI solutions. pVelocity has the answers via their software for Profit and Cost Simulation. With NemisFS it is easy to extract the right data elements that pVelocity needs to build up a full model for simulation. And there is a very nice version for the iPad.  QVS is convinced that this is a very powerfull tool for the business to quickly and effectively increase your bottom-line.

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GreenIntelli Pilot at Tommy Hilfiger Europe

September 11, 2012 in News by qvs

For Tommy Hilfiger we have completed a GreenIntelli pilot project. This project implemented GreenIntelli, a Sustainability Performance Management platform. Different KPIs have been defined to increase sustainability at Tommy operations and facilities. In 2013 we are expanding the sustainability scope and deploy GreenIntelli further.

GreenIntelli Home screen

GreenIntelli is a Sustainability Performance Management platform that registers sustainability data, controls the data collection process and facilitates sustainability reporting (internal and external). GreenIntelli runs on Oracle and Microsoft business intelligence tools, is very flexible to customer specific set ups and can easily be implemented.


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Microsoft Business Intelligence on SAP delivered to BCC Electronics

May 11, 2012 in News by qvs

The strategic partnership with NewFrontiers has delivered the first Microsoft based BI solution on an SAP back-end. Together with Microsoft partner Macaw, a front-end has been developed with Microsoft BI which retrieves data from NewFrontiers’ data warehouse platform NemisFS. Financial, Sales and Supply Chain data is now available to BCC Electronics to steer their day-to-day business pro-actively.

BCC comment

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XBRL based Financial External Reporting – Integrated Approach

December 20, 2011 in News by qvs

Philips was interested to understand how to incorporate XBRL Financial Reporting requirements for IFRS for the future. We have led the XBRL project which answered this question with the design of an Integrated Approach. This means that XBRL is implemented within the Corporate Reporting landscape and the Corporate Datawarehouse can fulfill both Management Reporting and Financial Reporting including XBRL tags. A prototype has been delivered to show the feasibility of the Integrated Approach.


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Delivering Functional Cost Reporting at Philips

February 11, 2011 in News by qvs

Functional Cost Reporting has been delivered to the global Philips organisation. All 800 reporting entities supply Function based specifications of the Cost of Organization booked. This enables global Functional Cost Reporting at each level within the Philips organisation to a fully granular level. Functional Cost deployment has proven to be complex in terms of governance and change management of local cost accounting processes.

Functional Cost Reporting