Although many companies have invested heavily in Business Intelligence, there are many reasons why BI projects fail in practice. QVS has implemented SAP BI, Oracle BI and Microsoft BI tools and technologies and the Business Intelligence principles are quite comparable. Designing the Business Intelligence tools is crucial to start with and flexibility is the key here. Tomorrow’s questions can not be answered if todays data warehouse structures are too rigid to adapt. On the other hand the data definitions need to be harmonized to secure consistency and ‘one source of the truth’.

Through our experiences with Acta Technologies (acquired by Business Objects in 2002 which was acquired by SAP in 2007) and our partnership with NewFrontiers (taken over in 2012 by Teradata) we learned that have an effective back-end integration with proper ETL tools is required to control costs of Business Intelligence implementations.

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A good example has been the BCC electronics project in 2012 who showed that implementing Microsoft BI on a SAP backend can be very cost effective.

Read the BCC Electronics reference for Microsoft BI on SAP back-end

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