QVS has always had difficulty to find the right consultants. Maybe we are too picky, maybe not. We require that a consultant can show, by business and consulting experience, that she or he will make the difference at the projects of our clients. We also require that a consultant does not only understand the processes of our clients but also understands the consequences for IT. And finally we require that the consultant can show personal skills that are needed for the job and fit well within our organization. If you can tell us what they are, you probably have them.


“During my conversations with QVS I was attracted by the informality, professionalism and honesty that QVS expressed. QVS offered me the possibilities to work on more than projects only, to work on business development in an area different from my SAP specialisation and the freedom to work on own initiatives. I have been working for QVS for more than half a year now and everything that I expected turned out to be true.”

Alexander Steggerda (previously PWC Consultant)