Outsourcing Finance Operations

Many of the (more routine) financial operations get outsourced to lower cost countries. This is cost effective because of lower personnel spend. But in most cases the processes are not optimized before the transition of the activities starts. After transition, it is often more difficult to optimize. Before and after transition, QVS can do an assessment of the effectiveness of the financial processes. Recommendations are based on KPI ambition levels that are part of your supplier agreement. In many cases the possible improvements can be fully financed out of a business case within the supplier agreement but this does not happen because of conflicting interest. For example, the Account Payable process is hampered by incorrect vendor master data. This results into additional invoice activities at the outsourcing supplier and therefore additional costs for the Account Payable process. If needed, QVS can also support the transitions in order to ensure the right way of working at the outsourcing partner side.

If you would like to know more how we can help with outsourcing transitions, feel free to contact us for an appointment.