Development of sustainable behaviour is encouraged when people are made aware of the consequences of their actions. On an organizational level the same principle applies so this is the starting point for organizational change towards sustainable behaviour. In order to do this, an organization requires a deep understanding of their sustainability impact, both negative and positive. How this interlinks with the characteristics of the organization can be used to define a clear sustainability vision and mission. Secondly, it needs to translate the organization’s ambitions into goals and it needs to lay out a journey how to best archive this. Thirdly, and most crucial to secure success, it needs to define how the journey can be controlled so that the organization will be motivated best to change towards sustainable behaviour.


Going through the PREPARE phase is an important process that requires management attention and commitment. Finding the right intersection with the current organization’s DNA and sustainability is crucial to start with. The STAR methodology defines 5 elements for the PREPARE phase. We can help you to understand your current status for each of the elements and we can support you going through the PREPARE phase in a structured approach. If you would like to know more about this, feel free to contact us for an appointment.