Profitability and Cost Simulation

Most business intelligence solutions have a retrospective (lagging) view on results. Getting an effective projected view of the future enables an organisation to decide today and benefit tomorrow. How will my profitability change if I change my product sales mix? Or what is my price sensitivity for a specific supplier for raw materials? Or what is the margin effect (ie business case) for a strategic manufacturing decision? The financial crisis are bringing these issues to CxO level and these kind of questions are hard to answer without doing simulations. The Canadian company pVelocity acknowledged this and developed a sophisticated tool for Profitability and Cost simulation.

The tool uses data coming from the back-end systems and allows you to do different simulations. The tools are also available on the iPad. QVS Consulting has a strategic partnership with pVelocity because we believe in the strength of the pVelocity toolset. We also recognize that a business case is easily build and a proof of concept can be done within a short timeframe.

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