QVS Consulting

QVS Consulting has been founded (by Erik Euwe) at the end of 1997. The objective was to start a management consultancy firm that delivers added value for its customers which is crucial for their competitive advantage. The area of expertise was a combination of change management, business consulting and ERP consulting, mainly focused on large SAP clients. QVS forced itself to stay in the lead of new developments and has done many projects and supporting roles within projects at clients. Projects included were:

Business efficiency
Business logistics optimization
Change programs
SAP implementations
SAP roll out programs
Finance improvement programs
Closing and Consolidation
Management Reporting
Harmonisation Processes and Systems
XBRL Reporting
Internal Charging Automation
Performance Management
Sustainability Reporting

Through the years the experience in different fields of expertise has expanded but the common ground of most projects have been SAP technology and/or Finance. Since 2006, QVS has been specializing more and more in Business Intelligence and Finance projects.

Mid 2009, when the second crisis is on its high, we slowly but surely are realizing that our future direction needs to change. We think that our role should be larger than a management consulting focus on Finance and Business Intelligence, we want to make a change in the world. Late 2009 we changed our Vision and Mission and started a change towards a Sustainable Consulting company.

Our Mission
Our Values