How does the CFO relate to sustainability? This question has been raised by many studies and many organizations and most of the outcomes led to the conclusion that the CFO and sustainability should team up together. Our view is even a bit stronger because we believe that without CFO (office) involvement, organizational sustainability development is almost becoming impossible. For starters, we think that Organizational Sustainability Development will only be successful in case it properly addresses the intersection of corporate sustainability and corporate strategy. Defining the intersection is not sufficient, it should be quantified by the CFO, both according to a sustainability and a business value perspective. Another obvious one is reporting, where the CFO is in the lead for corporate reporting programs, both internally and externally. With the upcoming Integrated Reporting, it is more than logical that final responsibility is with the CFO.

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QVS Consulting feels very strongly about Finance involvement for developing sustainability within organizations. Based on our experiences within Finance, Change Management and IT, we have taken a close look to what we feel is crucial for sustainability development and we developed the STAR Methodology for Organizational Sustainability Development.